How we work

As a lighting design consultancy company our final product is the emotion that each one feels when getting inside a built environment designed by us.

We work with the capacity of the light to interact with our emotions and create sensations. This is possible when the light is integrated into the space and enhances the beauty of the architecture, interior design or landscape.

Our projects demand more than solutions: demand creation of atmospheres using technology, sensibility and art – Design matters!

Since 2007 Studio Lite collaborates closely with architects, interior designers and clients to deliver unique ambiance for hotels, bars, restaurants, spas, retails, shopping malls, offices, residences, outdoor spaces and many more in the Middle East and around.

The accurate technical knowledge and innovative design skills of our team, combined with years of experience, enable us to transform into reality the desires and expectations of our clients through our lighting design projects. 


Please browse our Projects page for examples.

How we work


An accurate design takes into consideration the direct and indirect costs of the project and its impact on the environment. Realistic installation and maintenance costs are factored in all of our projects without losses in design quality. Being aware of the environmental impact is imperative. We take care to analyse energy consumption, visual impact and lighting pollution from inception to commissioning on our projects.