• Lighting design projects

    From inception till tender documentation

    After understanding the architecture and interior design intentions and client’s inspirations, our lighting designers will develop the whole lighting project starting from concept till the final documentation. The final documentation provides all necessary information to purchase the lighting fixtures and to install them precisely.

  • Post contract services

    Site inspection and commissioning

    Once the project is ready to receive the lights, our lighting designers on site will ensure that the installation has been performed according to the lighting project.  With trained eyes our lighting designers will give the final touch to the project, aiming the luminaires to the right positions and adjusting the angles to guarantee perfect lighting effects.

  • Analyses of existing lighting installations

    Redesign and retrofit

    If the existing lighting installation in your working or living space is under your expectation, our lighting designers have the capability to make a judicious analysis, taking into consideration not only the technical aspects but also verifying if the existing lighting is appropriate for the activities performed, besides if it is in harmony with the architecture and interior design or landscaping. 

  • Bespoke services

    According to your needs

    Our packages of services are flexible according to the needs of our clients, which means we are able to deliver the full scope of the project or just support the client in specific areas or phases of the project. Just let us know what your needs are and we can tailor our services accordingly.


The success of a project reflects how committed was the team involved on it.

Studio Lite services are guided by the proposal of achieving the best results. Synergy with all people involved in the project, enthusiasm and dedication are the key elements to exceed the expectations of our partners.